‚He doesn’t even know how to ride a go-kart and wants to drive F-1‘ says Brazilian trader about Day Trade rookies

For traders it is necessary to study long before venturing into Day Trade activity but it is possible to make money with this type of business

Although Day Trade’s activity is shrouded in mystery and coup accusations and „marketing“ for course sales, Eduardo Mira, CNPI-T analyst at Me Poupe!, states that the activity is serious.

Thus, according to Mira, it is possible to make money with Day Trade.

But it takes time, study, research, knowledge and many other attributes.

Therefore, according to an interview granted to Estadão, starting in this investment newspaper is not easy but it is possible.

Day Trade

So for the analyst, there is no point in wanting to venture into the Day Trade task without study.

In this way, to become a trader, the analyst highlights that it takes at least two years of learning.

„I make very fast trades that give me money, but it took me 20 years to reach this level. It didn’t take me overnight,“ he says.

So, for him, the Day Trade activity requires a lot of knowledge and it is also important to know its „size“ in the market.

„Trade is Formula One. You don’t know how to ride a go-kart and already want to race in F-1?“, the teacher ironically says.

„New Idiot“

However, for comedian Gregório Duvivier, whether with Bitcoins or on the Stock Exchange, the young people who venture into the Day Trade activity are „the new idiots“.

So, according to Duvivier, although the social networks are „populated“ with personalities indicating the activity and posting videos and images of the „riches“ achieved with the Day Trade, everything is just marketing.

„At the end of the day, these guys‘ business is selling courses and often betting against their customers,“ he says.

Thus, according to the comedian, anyone who ventures into the activity hoping to become a „millionaire“ inspired by digital „influencers“ is nothing but an idiot.

„The young man, by the looks of it, is the new sucker. Because one thing you can’t confuse is day trader and savings. In fact, savings have not yielded much, but they are safe (…) there are several investment options besides savings and they don’t have the same risks as day trade“, he declared.

97% of investors lose

According to a survey conducted by Fernando Chague, a researcher at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, FGV, the chances of success in Day Trade are few.

For the researchers, in 97% of the cases, small investors are at a loss from day trade activities.

„Day Trade is a short-term operation. You have to get it right with the paper on the day, and that’s very close to throwing a coin up. But for the individual it’s worse than a 50% chance, because those on the other side of the operation are better informed and have more technology in their favour,“ he says.