Bitcoin-prijsvoorspelling: Bear mode aan – zweven rond de $16000 mark

Bitcoin-prijsvoorspelling worstelt met een statische positie en mogelijke bearish tendensen De Bitcoin-prijs raakt het $16000 terrein opnieuw. BTC-holding die waarschijnlijk $19000 ALT per maand-eind zal raken. Bitcoin-prijsvoorspelling: actueel prijsoverzicht De Bitcoin-prijsgrafiek begon de dag op $16.101,31 en werd geconfronteerd met heel wat hoogte- en dieptepunten, die in de afgelopen 6 uur daalden tot $15.793,08 en […]

Ethereum and Uniswap: Will 1 billion in ETH soon flow into the DeFi market?

Ethereum (ETH) mining will soon no longer be necessary: ​​The Ethereum blockchain is changing from PoW to PoS and no longer needs miners to verify the blocks. The picture shows an Ethereum coin on a circuit board. Ethereum and Uniswap: Uniswap’s first yield farming option will end on November 17th, 2020. In September of this […]

UK confirms (finally) plans for digital currency

The UK had distinguished itself from other countries in Europe by stepping away from central bank digital currencies. But that just changed, as announced by the Treasury Department. The UK will also have its digital currency UK Treasury Chancellor Rishi Sunak shared the news yesterday . The press release explains the government’s strategy with regard […]

Trustee QuadrigaCX: „We can pay $30 million in claims“

The trustee in bankruptcy of the Bitcoin stock exchange QuadrigaCX has received USD 171 million in claims from aggrieved investors. But they can only pay out part of it. Buy 1000 euros of Bitcoin without commission? Get to work at Bitvavo Fallen fair But curator Ernst & Young says he can only pay out $30 […]

Facebook is censoring content about Bitcoin, says site

This is not the first time Facebook has censored content about Bitcoin. In early 2018 the company decided to change its policies to expressly prohibit any advertisement that promotes cryptomoedas. Facebook is censoring posts that have the hashtag #Bitcoin. According to a Crypto Potato report, videos, photos and even messages are being omitted from the […]

Venezuela kjøper 71 tonn papir for å skrive ut mer kontanter

Regjeringen i Venezuela kjøper tonnevis av papir – bokstavelig talt – for å skrive ut store mengder kontanter … Men andre regjeringer gjør det samme. Regjeringen i Venezuela vet ikke hva hun skal gjøre for å kontrollere økonomien sin, og prøver å redde sitt økonomiske liv ved å gjøre det som alle verdens regjeringer gjør: […]

A universal basic income in cryptocurrencies – A strange utopia taking shape on Ethereum

Large-scale project, or not? – The debates concerning the creation of a universal income are increasing. Tired of waiting for a state decision, the creator of Gnosis has created a universal income on Ethereum: the Circles UBI experiment. The history of Circles UBI On October 16, the Circles UBI (Universal Basic Income) project announced its […]

Bitcoin-lompakon päivitystemppu on rikastanut rikollisia yli 22 miljoonalla dollarilla

Rikollisjoukot lähettävät väärennettyjä päivityksiä Electrumin lompakoiden omistajille, asentavat haittaohjelmia ja varastavat käyttäjävaroja. Yksinkertainen tekniikka on auttanut tietoverkkorikollisia jengiä varastamaan yli 22 miljoonaa dollaria käyttäjärahastoja Electrum- lompakkosovelluksen käyttäjiltä ZDNet tutkimus on löydetty. Tämä tekniikka nähtiin ensimmäisen kerran joulukuussa 2018 . Siitä lähtien hyökkäysmallia on käytetty uudelleen useissa kampanjoissa kahden viime vuoden aikana ZDNet on löytänyt useita […]

‚He doesn’t even know how to ride a go-kart and wants to drive F-1‘ says Brazilian trader about Day Trade rookies

For traders it is necessary to study long before venturing into Day Trade activity but it is possible to make money with this type of business Although Day Trade’s activity is shrouded in mystery and coup accusations and „marketing“ for course sales, Eduardo Mira, CNPI-T analyst at Me Poupe!, states that the activity is serious. […]

Oltre 1000 Bitcoin da hack Bitfinex si sono spostati

Quattro anni dopo il famigerato hack Bitfinex che ha portato a uno dei più grandi furti di Bitcoin Code dall’incidente del monte Gox nel 2014, le notifiche pubblicate oggi dal Whale Alert twitter account, hanno dichiarato che circa 1.190 BTC ($12.645.059) di fondi rubati dall’hack BitFinex nel 2016 sono stati spostati in un portafoglio sconosciuto. […]